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Robert Griffin III Hasn't Been Hit In A While



    Washington Redskins quarterback Robert Griffin III's professional debut last week was solid as he completed four of his six pass attempts for 70 yards and a touchdown in the 'Skins 7-6 win over the Buffalo Bills.

    RGIII was poised in the pocket as Washington's injury-depleted offensive line held up admirably and protected him in his limited action. Griffin was not hit at all during the game Thursday. In fact, according to Griffin himself, he has not been truly tackled in quite a while.

    “I've been hit in practice -- not like Coach Mike [Shanahan] likes that -- but I've been hit in practice a few times and gone down," Griffin said to reporters after Monday's training camp concluded. "[But] I haven’t been hit since that bowl game back at Baylor in the Alamo Bowl."

    For those wondering, the Alama Bowl was last December -- December 29 to be exact -- so it has been almost eight months since Griffin felt the not-so-gentle touch of a defensive lineman. Of course, Griffin has only played in one game since the bowl game (his preseason debut), but being hit is inevitable (it is football, after all) and Griffin is not one to shy away from contact.

    "Hopefully we can keep that trend going," he said, referring to his current hitless streak."I'm fine with that. If I have to get hit by the [Chicago] Bears [Saturday], so be it."

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