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Redskins Draft Rounds 3 & 4: Nebraska Invasion



    Nebraska ruled rounds 4 and 5 for the Redskins. All three players picked during those rounds were Cornhuskers teammates.

    Who are these cornfed boys?

    Roy Helu, running back
    Height: 6’0”
    Weight: 220
    College: Nebraska

    He learned much of his running game by watching tapes of his dad, a former captain of the U.S. national rugby team.

    He’s a bit particular about his last name. “They said, ‘HAY-lu’?’ My name’s ‘HEL-ooo,’” said Helu. “It’s OK, but you can call me ‘HAY-lu.’ It’s Roy ‘HEL-ooo,’ Jr.”

    He was the first 300 yard rusher in the history of Nebraska football.

    Dejon Gomes, defensive back
    Height: 6”0”
    Weight: 200
    College: Nebraska

    He also plays basketball – sort of.  Gomes said, “Probably my biggest thing I do to not think about football is just get together with my teammates and play NBA 2K11. It's a relaxing thing, and it's still involving sports, but not real life.”

    He donates his time to the Down Syndrome Association and the Madonna Hospital Wheelchair Football workshop. “Just going out there and seeing all the kids and seeing how ultimately happy they are even though they face a lot of challenges in life, you just appreciate life that much more,” he said.

    Niles Paul, wide receiver
    Height: 6’1”
    Weight: 220
    College: Nebraska
    Twitter: @Niles_Paul

    Like his teammate, Ryan Kerrigan, Paul could have a backup career in modeling.



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