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RG3 Brings the Funny to D.C.



    Robert Griffin III Challenges President Obama

    Robert Griffin III lays down a playful challenge to President Barack Obama at the National Prayer Breakfast. (Published Thursday, Feb. 2, 2012)

    According to experts, there is exactly a 12 percent chance that Robert Griffin III will ever be a Redskin.* That’s why videos like this one are precious commodities.

    RG3 was invited to speak Thursday at the National Prayer Breakfast by the Obamas, and the result was a reminder of why everyone loves the guy.

    Before giving the closing prayer, RG3 turned to the president and said a few words.

    "Mr. President, if you ever get a little tired of running the country or anything like that -- a little bored -- I'd love to play you in basketball," he said. "It would be a friendly competition, because I wouldn't want anyone to feel like I was trying to hurt you or anything. I wouldn't dunk on you at all."


    He went on to crack some jokes about the length of the breakfast, and how he really had to use the bathroom.  Good stuff.

    RG3 is a blogger’s dream, which is why we’re putting a lot of hope in that 12 percent.

    *may or may not be accurate.