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Pugh: Too Much Pressure for Success Placed on Griffin



    Pugh: Too Much Pressure for Success Placed on Griffin
    Giants defensive end Justin Tuck tackles Washington Redskins quarterback Robert Griffin III during the second half Sunday.

    It’s been one month since the last time the Redskins won a game, which led to speculation, rumors and dissecting the relationship of Robert Griffin III and head coach Mike Shannahan.

    As much as fans of this team would love to talk and read about more important things -- like wins --that’s just not possible during a four-game losing streak.

    The coaches know this, the media definitely knows it and so do the players.

    “Whenever you’re having a year like we’re having sitting at 3-9, we had higher expectations," Griffin said. "People are going to try and sink the ship, our job is to not focus on that stuff. I personally just focus on Kansas City.”

    Focusing on anything but football would be a massive waste of time for anyone in this organization. But, as every winless week goes by, these concerns and rumors become more real.

    “Your concentration level had to be getting ready for the game, not the noise that’s outside," Shanahan said. "If you’re concentrating on the noise that’s outside, the chances are you won’t be successful."

    For the most part, good or bad relationships in sports are determined by success. For example, Tom Brady and Bill Belichick have won three Super Bowls together, so their relationship is perfect. Zero problems when it comes to those two.

    As for Griffin and Shannahan, the jury is obviously still out.

    And depending upon how the Redskins finish these last four games, Shanahan may not have time to salvage a relationship with Griffin.

    The problem with the Redskins isn’t Shannahan.

    Or the offensive coordinator Kyle Shannahan. Or the defense (special teams, however, is a major problem).

    The problem is that too much was placed on the shoulders of Griffin in just his second year in the NFL.

    We all were blinded after a sensational rookie season that didn’t see Griffin truly experience failure.

    Maybe Griffin bought in to the hype, maybe he thought being great in the NFL was easier than even he expected it to be after last season.

    Either way, like every quarterback that has played in this league, eventually the NFL will humble you. It’s humbled Peyton Manning, Matt Ryan, Drew Brees, Tom Brady and Cam Newton to name a brief few. Griffin is no different.