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Podiatry Student Pays $1,522 for Robert Griffin III's Used Cast, Benefitting Charity



    Under the Tucson Sun

    Robert Griffin III recently put the cast he wore on his dislocated left ankle last season up for auction, with the proceeds benefitting his Family Of 3 foundation. 

    That auction just ended, with the winning bid of $1,522 placed by Rich Bruno, coincidentally a podiatry student at Temple University. 

    From Bruno's Facebook:

    19 months ago, I enrolled in podiatry school. At that moment, what I loved most in life was the Redskins. They’re still a huge part of me. As time has gone on though, my life has been consumed by feet, and I have loved every second of it. I love feet. I love podiatry. I love the thought of making a difference in so many people’s lives. I am also a huge RGIII supporter. When he had the misfortune of dislocating his ankle, I initially fell to the fetal position and sobbed. A lot. Then, I realized something. All of my loves in life had combined into a singular moment. I squealed like a school girl thinking about how one day, maybe I could be that specialist a player sees. It makes me want to be my very best. The fates decided to have RGIII auction off that cast, and while I will now be liquidating everything I own to pay for it, I own that cast. I own that moment forever. I could not be happier. CARRY ON FOR PODIATRY AND HAIL TO THE REDSKINS!

    "The worse it smells, the happier I am, because that makes it more unique," Bruno told The Washington Post. "Some people have RGIII game-worn jerseys, and they’re stained or whatever. I might have his foot stink. That’s special to me.”