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Nats Ranked Hardest to Root For



    We happen to like the Nationals. But according to The Business Journals, the Nats are the toughest team in all of major pro sports to root for. 

    All 122 pro sports teams were ranked strictly on the basis of losing. By that standard, the Nats are the losing-est team in all of sports, but does that really make them the hardest to root for?
    It’s a tough trophy to take with the Redskins sharing the same town and the Orioles right up the road. We think that if you asked fans in the DMV, it’s not that hard to cheer for the Nats by comparison. 
    According to the Journals’ “Fan Difficulty Index,” all MLB, NFL, NHL, and NBA teams were ranked using a formula of a 10-season record combined with landmark wins and losses. 
    We think they should add in some other factors to make it a little more fair. How about stadium experiences? Player personalities? Lawsuits involving team owners? THAT ranking might look a little different. 
    Combine this list with the depressed fans study and it looks like Nats fans are getting a raw deal. Other D.C. teams came out a little higher with the Wizards at No. 25, Redskins at No. 40, and Caps at No. 47, all ninth in their respective leagues.  
    We know that a losing Nats team isn’t easy to root for, but the worst ever? That’s a bit harsh. 
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