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Maryland Unis Debut To Poor Ratings



    Maryland walked away form Monday's game against Miami victorious. Their uniforms were not as lucky.

    Maryland opened the season in one of the 32 uniform options created for them by Under Armour. The public reaction was instant and intense. The uniform design was a Two-Face style interpretation of the Maryland flag and it was clear that they were a love-it or hate-it choice.

    Coach Randy Edsall defended the colorful gear.

    "I was proud that we kept this under the lid," he said in an interview on ESPN. "This is our pride uniform -- Maryland pride. This is part of the new branding we're doing here. We want to incorporate the state colors and let everyone know we are playing for everyone in the state."

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    If you hated them, don't fret. There are 31 other combinations available to the team. There's no way they can all be losers, right?

    As always, our local athletes took to Twitter to share their opinion...

    Even athletes outside the DMV had something to say...

    We can't decide if Melo likes the gear, or thinks that wearing them is some type of player punishment...

     We aren't fans of the unis, but this tweet almost made us change our mind. We don't like being on this guy's side of public opinion...

    While everyone has something to say, no one hated the unis more than former Redskin Philip Daniels...

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