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Karl Alzner "Not Smart" Enough To Play Jeopardy



    During the first intermission of the Washington Capitals' 5-0 loss to the New Jersey Devils Friday, the second installment of "Building Of A Capital," an in-game miniseries chronicling the Caps' journeys to Washington, premiered.

    This time it focused on defenseman Karl Alzner (the first installment featured forward Brooks Laich).


    Alzner said Monday after Washington's practice that he has not yet seen any of his personal series, but likes the idea of sharing the story of his start with the fans.

    "I think sometimes it gets a little bit lost that all of a sudden we're here, almost in a way like robots," Alzner said. "This way, it gives [the fans] a little bit of a look that we came from the same exact things and had to work the way we did to get here. Same problems growing up, all of the little details of your life. It helps to relate a little bit more to the players."

    Alzner's mother, Karin, is predominately featured in "Building Of A Capital," but is joined by a narrator to help move Alzner's story along. According to the team's Game Entertainment staff, Karin personally requested Wheel Of Fortune host and noted Caps fan Pat Sajak, which naturally led into a discussion of Alzner's game show-watching habits.

    Alzner said that both he and his mother enjoy watching the Wheel and when asked why he preferred that over Jeopardy, his answer was simple.

    "I can never get any of the Jeopardy questions," he said. "I'm not smart."

    Humility aside, Alzner does have a point in regards to the shows' differences.

    "In Jeopardy, you either know the answer or you don't," he said. "In Wheel Of Fortune, you can take some time to figure it out. I always feel like I have a chance to win."