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John Wall



    So far in his young career, we know this much about John Wall: the dude can dance.

    Beyond that, however, no one really knows what kind of an impact Wall will have on the Wizards franchise and the NBA as a whole.

    Will The Great Wall of Chinatown live up to his No. 1 overall pick draft status, or will he go the way of another infamous Wizards No. 1 pick, Kwame Brown?

    Just the mere mention of that name sends shudders down the spines of Wiz fans everywhere.

    In his defense, Wall didn't receive much help from the rest of the Washington squad as he started his career.  The team is in an all-out rebuilding mode, as evidenced by Gilbert Arenas declaring that the Wizards were Wall's team before his trade out of town.

    A big concern for Wizards' brass: can they keep Wall focused on basketball with all the other distractions that come with being a star rookie in the NBA.  With no incentive of making the playoffs in 2011, Wall will have to deal with getting through the grind of a full season and learning as much as he can along the way.

    But that D.C. nightlife must be pretty attractive to Wall, and we're sure he's finding time to hit the town when he's not hitting shots on the Verizon Center court.