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Jason Terry Wore John Wall's Shorts To Bed Before Saturday's Game



    The Washington Wizards put up a valiant effort Saturday in their home opener, a 89-86 loss to Boston Celtics that saw them fall behind 17-2 in the first quarter before taking a late lead in the fourth quarter.

    So how did the Celtics pull it off? Must have been the shorts.

    Celtics guard Jason Terry, who is keeping a diary for ESPNBoston.com this season, wrote about Saturday's game in his latest entry-- which he called a "must-win" -- and his superstition of wearing the opposing team's shorts to bed the night before:

    My superstitions go way back. In college at Arizona, before our national championship game, Mike Bibby and I were so anxious to play in this game that we slept in our uniforms the night before. We were hoping it would make the game come quicker, because that's how nervous we were. We ended up winning the national championship the next night. I've stuck to that routine. Only now it's a little bit different: I sleep in the opposing team's game shorts before every game. For example, Friday night I slept in Washington Wizards shorts since we played them on Saturday. John Wall is a good friend of mine. So I had his shorts from last year. What I do is I will acquire a pair of game shorts from each team in the league. Actually, right now, I have every single team's game shorts. 

    You might be wondering how I got every team's game shorts. I have friends on more than 75 percent of the teams. But for those 25 percent of the teams I don't, a little $20 to a $100 bill here and there can get you a pair of game shorts from a locker room attendant. I can't name my sources, though, of course! So, yes, I've bribed a couple of guys.

    Alright then.

    There is also stuff about Terry getting massages and taking showers, but I'd rather not discuss that. 

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