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JT3 Lathers Up



    Georgetown basketball coach John Thompson III, or JT3 as he’s affectionately called, is a pretty big deal around here.

    His job has forced him to develop a certain comfort level with being compared to his father, former Georgetown coach John Thompson, Jr.

    With a set of new commercials for Dove, we find out just how comfortable he is.

    A basketball coach shilling body wash is right up there with drying paint on the excitement scale, but somehow this big teddy bear of a coach managed to film a commercial that makes us like both he and the product he’s pitching. He’s also the only guy we know who could make talking about his own sweat so adorable.

    The ads, which feature JT3 talking about his relationship with his father, seem genuine and should make Georgetown fans pretty proud.

    The family dynamic is summed up in the end of one commercial when JT2 is talking about his son’s coaching legacy.

    “The man won the Big East two years in a row,” admits JT2. “His dad never did that.”


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