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F.P. Santangelo Snags Foul Ball With One-Handed Catch



    MASN/Washington Nationals color analyst F.P. Santangelo played seven seasons in the major leagues at a variety of positions: left field, center field, right field, second base and third base, just to name a few.

    Judging by his catch of a foul ball Sunday during the Nats' 4-3 win over the Boston Red Sox, the guy's still got it (he even said so himself).


    Xavier Nady sent a foul ball straight back toward the broadcast booth, where Santangelo was ready to reach out (with his headset still on) and snag the ball barehanded. He then received a nice ovation from the Fenway faithful (Santangelo never played for the Red Sox, but fans appreciate a nice catch when they see one).

    "Thank you very much, everybody," Santangelo said. "I'll be here all week."

    The Nats left Boston later that day.

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