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ESPN Cameraman on "RG3 Injury Watch" Monday



    I'm not sure if you were aware of this, but Robert Griffin III's return to injury was kind of a big deal last night.

    Allow AP to set the scene for me:

    Griffin was the undisputed star of the show -- at least until kickoff. He arrived at the stadium wearing an autographed T-shirt from Les Dauphins de Nice, the American football team in France that welcomed him for a workout during his honeymoon in July. When he threw warm-up passes at the 45-yard line, three camera crews were at the 40. He led a team huddle at the 10, just 5 yards from the spot where his knee gave out in January. He was greeted by baseball legend Tommy Lasorda on the sideline, then made a spectacle of an entrance when the starting lineups were announced, carrying the Redskins flag all the way to the end zone for an extended kneel-down for all to see.

    Of course, ESPN had plenty of cameras at the game since they were broadcasting it, one of which was in charge of "RG3 Injury Watch."

    Here is what the cameraman's responsibilities were:

    1. Skins offense on the field – RG3 injury watch – NEVER LEAVE HIM – Follow to the bench after the series.
    2. Stay with him if there is an issue – injury, fatigue, frustration.
    3. When RG3 throws a TD pass, be ready on my cue to you – pick up his parents or…[handwritten note about Dr. James Andrews]
    4. Eagles on Offense – sit on Jim Haslett, it is an automatic cut and will be used in a split screen with Chip Kelly.
    5. Pregame: Iso of RG3 parents for runout, 1st time on field, TD run or pass after the play. After a big hit.

    This is how television is made!

    (Via Sarah Kogod)

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