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Dan Snyder



    What's left to be said about Dan Snyder that hasn't been already? 

    It seems that no matter what he does in regards to his beloved Redskins, it's always the wrong move.

    Whether it's signing big-time free agents like Albert Haynesworth, trading for aging stars like Donovan McNabb, or hiring inexperienced coaches like Jim Zorn ... well, it just ain't right.

    And the fans and media let him know it.

    But as of late Snyder has tried to turn his image around.  There was much talk during the 2010 season of Snyder taking a back seat to real football minds like Mike Shanahan and talk of him finally changing his ways.  

    Puppy dogs and rainbows!  Cotton candy and swizzle sticks!

    As it says on the walls of the Joliet prison, "It's never too late to mend."

    And ... then there was the lawsuit against the Washington City Paper.


    Going forward, it will be interesting to see how Snyder manages his image.  Will he really stay behind the scenes when it comes to personnel?  Will he focus more time on his charity efforts?  Or will he roar back at the first sign of trouble during the regular season?  And will he roar back against those who criticize him personally?

    All good questions that will be fun to answer -- but probably not as much fun to read about if you're a Redskins fan...