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D.C. Media Clowns Around In Soccer Challenge



    When professional athletes and the media that covers them go head to head, it becomes clear that everyone involved made the right career choice. Sunday’s Celebrity Soccer Challenge was no different.

    NBC’s own Dan Hellie admitted that the difference between pro and amateur was more than obvious.

    “You can really tell who played soccer and who didn’t play soccer,” he said “And then there are the media clowns like me and Ivan Carter and Mike Wise.”

    Speaking of Wise, he gave up an own goal and spent almost as much time on his rear end as he did on his feet.

    If you ask Wise, it wasn’t his fault.

    “A real athlete like me, was competing against amateurs,” he joked. “People that really don’t know what they’re doing. They trip you, they try to stop you. Kobe knows what it’s like.”

    At the end of the day, fans and participants all had fun and a tearful Hamm thanked everyone for their support. All of the celebrity participants were gracious -- well, almost all of them. 

    We’ll take it back to our favorite curmudgeon Mike Wise, who was clearly salty that Hamm beat him out for the MVP award…


    As you can see from the video here, Mike Wise (No. 44) might not have been the best MVP choice anyway...

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