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Clippard & Storen: The Odd Couple



    Tyler Clippard and Drew Storen sat down with Hakem Dermish recently to talk Nats bullpen, and in the process we learned a little bit about the personal relationship between the two pitchers.

    Clippard and Storen, who are trying to make the nickname "Clip ‘n Store" stick, aren’t just teammates. They also happen to be roommates, and it seems that they might be the Nationals’ version of The Odd Couple.

    “My biggest pet peeve is because we room together, we have to hang out together and he always dresses way better than me,” said Clippard. “My fashion sense is a little under par, but he helps me, so I can’t hate on him too much for it.”

    According to Storen, their fashion differences don’t matter as much as Clippard’s lack of planning tendencies.

    “I gotta be early and I think Clip does a good job keeping me low key,” Storen explained. “But it also stresses me out because I’m like ‘Clip, you’re not gonna make it, like there’s no way you’re gonna make it for stretch.' And then he shows up on time, every time.”

    “Mentally, we’re on different schedules,” Clippard agreed. “I’m still napping and he’s, like, ready to go to the field.”

    Storen is trying to be a good influence on Clippard in other ways, as well. Storen, who is fairly active on Twitter, is trying to get Clippard more into social media.

    “He phantom tweets through me every once in a while,” said Storen. “He’s like, ‘Dude, you should put this on Twitter and I’m like ‘OK.’ I’ve been trying to get him on Twitter. It’ll happen at some point.”

    In the meantime, we’ll just have to wonder which Storen tweets are actually Clippard’s thoughts.

    Despite their contrasting personalities, their domestic situation is a good one.

    “It’s interesting,” said Storen. “He’s a lot different. But that’s why I think it works.”

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