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Chris Cooley



    Chris Cooley seems to be everywhere.  

    If he's not catching passes on the field for the Redskins, he's blogging about catching passes for the Redskins (hopefully with clothes on).  

    Or he's creating content for the Internets.  

    Or he's tweeting out his thoughts on the news of the day.

    Or he's hanging out at charity events around town.

    Or he's creating pottery for his Leesburg art gallery.

    Or he's kickin' it with his brother and wife -- a former Redskins cheerleader.

    Or he's growing his hair.

    Or he's wearing really short shorts.

    Or... well, you just never know what Cooley is going to do next.

    That's why he's one of our featured personalities on this here sports blog.  

    You can't go wrong with following the antics of Chris Cooley.  He's bound to give you something good to write about.  

    And who doesn't love that?