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Ankles Injuries and Hip Pointers Could Play a Factor as 'Skins take on Broncos



    Ankles Injuries and Hip Pointers Could Play a Factor as 'Skins take on Broncos
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    Peyton Manning plays against the Indianapolis Colts last weekend. This weekend, injuries could be a big factor in the game. (Photo by Andy Lyons/Getty Images)

    Capital Games welcomes a guest today: Dr. Ray Solano, a chiropractor with a specialty in sports medicine. He's taking a look at the injuries that could make a difference this weekend for the Redskins.

    Ankle injuries are common in football, but they can be tricky. And they are likely to play a role in the Redskins game this weekend.

    Quarterback Peyton Manning and wide receiver Wes Welker were two of eight Denver Broncos kept out of practice Wednesday. While Manning's 'minor' ankle injury came out of Sunday's loss to Indianapolis, no cause was listed for Welker's ankle injury.

    "Just some of it is wear and tear of being almost halfway through an NFL season," Broncos coach John Fox said.

    However, keep in mind that Welker did injure the same ankle during a preseason game against the Seattle Seahawks -- a reminder that ankle injuries can be nagging ones that often linger throughout an entire season.

    Ankle injuries are the most common injury in football and usually follow a typical pattern. Most happen when the sole of your foot rolls under, damaging the ligaments on the outside of the ankle, for example when hitting a bump on the field or another player's foot when running or landing.

    This type of injury is generally diagnosed as a sprain and has been known to have an impact on strength, range of motion, and control of movement patterns. Although we'll probably never know the severity of the ankle injuries suffered by Manning and Welker, it's likely that they will play a factor when the Broncos host the Washington Redskins.

    On the other side of the football, the Redskins appear to be healing up from what could have been a nightmare season of injuries. Recent notable injuries include those to defensive end Stephen Bowen and tight end Jordan Reed.

    Bowen suffered a torn PCL in his right knee last weekend, but don't expect that to sideline him. This is the same injury Bowen suffered in 2011 to the opposite knee and he did not miss a snap. Expect him to be well-braced and ready to play.

    However, Jordan Reed's hip pointer (bruise on the pelvis) last weekend will be one to watch. Given the nature and vulnerability of this type of injury, expect Reed to see limited playing time this weekend.

    Hip pointers are the result of a direct blow to the iliac crest, whether from a direct hit from a helmet, or a hard fall. In addition, they can be extremely painful and may be felt when running or even breathing deeply. With Tight End Logan Paulsen almost fully recovered from an MCL knee injury, it's likely Reed will have more of a limited role when the Redskins visit the Denver Broncos.

    Dr. Raymond Solano is a board-certified Doctor of Chiropractic, with a specialty in sports medicine, and a frequent guest on News4 Midday. Follow @DrRaySolano on Twitter.