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Andy Roddick On Robert Griffin III: "It's All About Him All The Time"



    Because writing about other people's opinions of Robert Griffin III paid my bills for the last three months, here's yet another story about a former athlete-turned-analyst harping on whatever problem he has with the Redskins quarterback.

    This time, it's Andy Roddick, who I had no idea retired, probably because he won one major 10 years ago. Anyway, Roddick is apparently not a fan of RGIII. We know how Donovan McNabb feels, and the man in the bright purple shirt is former baseball player Gabe Kapler. 

    And action.

    Roddick: "It feels like he's a master of contradicting himself in five seconds. ... It's like he's never seen a microphone he doesn't love." 

    Host Charissa Thompson: "It sounds like you don't like Robert Griffin III."

    Roddick: "I don't like how much attention he tries to draw to himself. ... Simple things like wearing a t-shirt. I mean, who names their rehab? He gave a formal name to his rehab."

    Kapler: "You know who names their rehab? An entertainer."

    Roddick: "What is he? Prince?"


    Roddick:  “It’s a matter of him showing the team it’s all about him all the time."

    Kapler: “Why are we talking about RGIII right now? Because people care. They want to know what’s going on with him. I care about him. He’s exciting.”

    Thompson to Roddick: “Why don’t you like him?”

    Roddick: “No, I don’t like him needing to be the center of attention in a team game. You know, Donovan mentioned there were always cameras throughout the entire rehab process. We had like a day-to-day update on it. I just don’t think he needs to talk as much. You don’t have to comment on everything. If Donovan says something, he feels the need to comment about it. Just let it happen.”

    And scene.

    This is exhausting.

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