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Alex Ovechkin



    Sidney Crosby may be the NHL's poster boy with his Stanley Cup ring and his gold medal and his advertising deals and his leadership skills and his old-school attitude.  

    Alex Ovechkin, then, is Bizarro Sidney.  

    He's got skills to pay the bills, but he has no Stanley Cup (yet), no gold medal (yet), fewer advertising deals, isn't known for his leadership (yet) and is anything but old-school.  And certainly doesn't whine and dive as much.

    Alex Ovechkin often looks and plays like a madman on the ice.  If it's not his punishing hits along the boards, it's his jubilant post-goal celebrations or even his toothy (and toothless) grin.

    Ovie can be a one-man wrecking crew in the NHL, beating you with his laser of a shot or with a punishing hip check.

    But while Ovechkin's motor runs nonstop at the Verizon Center, that motor doesn't stop once he leaves the rink, either.  (And we're not just talking about his need for speed in his 2009 Mercedes SL65 AMG Black Series supercar on the roads of Virginia.)

    Ovechkin has been known to party it up during his off-seasons back in Russia, complete with a fancy European fashion sense and several blondes (or brunettes) in tow.

    It's no secret that Washington, D.C.'s most eligible bachelor is enjoying life on and off the ice.  And if he can somehow get his hands on a Cup, he'll become more than just the biggest sports figure in D.C., he'll become the biggest star in the hockey world.