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After Debut, St. Louis Paper Wonders If Rams Should Have Drafted RGIII



    When the Washington Redskins approached the St. Louis Rams this spring about trading a boatload of first and second-round draft picks for the second overall pick/Robert Griffin III, the Rams were all like, "For sure, dudes! We already have a recent first overall selection at quarterback who has led us to nine wins in two years, so you can totally have RGIII."

    At least that's how I imagine the conversation went. Apparently, the Rams' general manager is Jeff Spicoli.

    Anyway, of course by now you know that the 'Skins have RGIII and the Rams, well, don't. Griffin led Washington to a 40-32 upset over the New Orleans Saints in his debut, while Sam Bradford and the Rams lost a heartbreaker to the Detroit Lions.

    These developments got the St. Louis Dispatch wondering: Should the Rams have drafted RGIII?

    The consensus answer? No, The Rams, who host the Redskins this weekend, are fine with Bradford. But that doesn't mean that some of the paper's responses weren't hilarious.

    Take, for example, this one from columnist Bernie Miklasz:

    I am a member of the Pro Football Hall of Fame selection committee, and after one regular-season game, I am recommending that The Hall suspend its rules, so that we immediately induct RG III into Canton.

    My serious answer: Calm down. It's one game.

    Or this one from Dan O'Neill:

    No. The Rams did the right thing in trading down and getting extra picks. That's not to say Bobby G3 won't turn out to be a more dynamic quarterback than what they have, that's still to be determined. One game does not a career make.

    "Bobby G3"? Man, I hope that doesn't become a thing.

    Anyways, all of the answers are worth a look. It seems that the Dispatch is firmly behind Bradford.


    (H/T Rob Carlin)

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