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Full Episode: Scotland - The Isles

The Scottish Isles are remarkable, and with every direction you turn, there's something magnificent to see. Join us as “1st Look” guest host George Oliphant, partnered with acclaimed actor, and Scotsman, Alan Cumming, set sail for The Scottish Isle cluster known, as The Outer Hebrides. Discover all these western islands have to offer, from whisky and wool, music, history, island living and more. Kayak on crystal clear waters. Explore ancient castles that need to be seen to be believed. Feast on the freshest seafood catch, pulled straight from the seas. And take in the ever-present wind as it blows through ocean grasses, while the orchestral sounds of the surf put you in a state of perpetual peace. We’re hopping from one magical island to another in The Scottish Isles on “1st Look."