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Cooking with a Food Network Star Hopeful

DC's own Malcolm Mitchell shares his skills with Aaron Gilchrist



    Recipe for Malcolm Mitchell's Creole Shrimp Penne Pasta


    1 lb. penne pasta

    2 tbsp. olive oil

    DC Guy Competes To Be Food Network Star

    [DC] DC Guy Competes To Be Food Network Star
    Malcolm Mitchell has made a name for himself here in Washington, now he shows Aaron that he has the chops to be a star.
    (Published Tuesday, May 29, 2012)

    1/4 c. onion

    1/4 c. green peppers

    2 garlic cloves, minced

    3 jalepenos

    1/3 c. tomato paste

    8 oz. canned diced tomatoes

    4 oz. jumbo lump crab meat

    1 lb. fresh shrimp

    1/2 c. diced Andouille sausage

    1 c. seafood stock

    seasoning blend of paprika, garlic poweder, onion powder, oregano, thyme, basil, cayenne, and cumin

    1/2 quart heavy cream

    1 tbsp. chopped turkey bacon

    chopped fresh parsley

    chopped chives

    salt & pepper to taste



    1. In a sauce pan over medium high heat sauté onions, peppers and jalapenos until tender.
    2. Add garlic and tomato paste and diced tomatoes.
    3. Add seafood stock and Creole blend seasoning, cook for 30 minutes
    4. Puree
    5. Add heavy cream, Salt & Pepper to taste & add chopped parsley


    1. Sauté diced bacon.
    2. Chopped chives

    On the line

    1. Sauté andoullie turkey sausage and shrimp.
    2. Creole sauce.
    3. Toss in penne pasta
    4. Garnish with chives, bacon & drizzle with lucini olive oil