D.C.'s Top 15 Properties: Everybody Loves Logan

Cue Skyrocketing Prices... Now

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    1334 13th St. N.W., D.C.’s 2nd Most Popular Listing

    In an effort to see where and at what D.C. home buyers are looking these days, we decided to take a peek at the most popular listings in the city over the past couple weeks. Using data from Redfin, we looked specifically at the top 15 most-viewed properties on the discount brokerage’s D.C. site.

    One thing became immediately clear: buyers want to live in Logan Circle. Yes, we know, not earth-shattering news by any stretch, but what is interesting is the dominance that this area had in terms of attracting people’s attention: seven of the top 15 listings were in Logan. The neighborhood’s popularity has increased markedly since we examined the city’s top 50 most popular listings back in April when a Logan Circle listing did not even crack the top 15.

    Here are some other interesting takeaways from the stats:

    • The average price of the top 15 homes viewed was $566,000. The highest-priced listing was also the most popular, a three-bedroom row house in Dupont Circle for $839,000.
    • Trending away from condos: The property types of the listings in the top 15 were mainly single-family homes (11 versus four condos).
    • Three of the top 15 listings were condos in the same boutique development: 1715 15th St. N.W. We don’t believe that this is a new project, so if anyone can explain its sudden popularity, let us know in the comments section.

    * We understand that this analysis is by no means scientific, but we belive it does offer a glimpse into where D.C. buyers are looking.

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