Pat Collins Immortalized in Cocktail

Have a Snowy Pat Collins

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    Pat Collins is informed that a new drink has been named after him -- the Snowy Pat Collins.

    Move over Tom Collins. Heck, move over Emmy awards. What greater honor is there than having a drink named after you?

    For beloved NBC Washington reporter Pat Collins's humorous, tireless reporting in the snow, DC101 has named a cocktail after him.

    A Snowy Pat Collins is:

    Pat Collins: 15 Inches of Fun in the Snow

    [DC] Pat Collins: 15 Inches of Fun in the Snow
    Pat Collins covers a snowstorm like no one else.

    1 oz Peppermint Schnapps
    1 oz Baileys Irish Cream
    1/2 oz Dark Creme de Cacao
    5 oz Hot Chocolate
    1 oz Whipped Cream
    a few marshmallows
    1 peppermint stir stick

    for those looking for an adventure:

    Snow Also Delays Obama's Commute

    [DC] Snow Also Delays Obama's Commute
    President Obama comes home to find snow covered city.

    vodka or rum
    a drop of sex panther
    stir with a razor blade

    As Collins was trending on Twitter for his reporting Wednesday evening during the winter storm -- with thermometer and trusty measuring stick, the tools of his trade, in hand -- he was told about the cocktail.

    "I want three Pat Collinses right here right now!" he said from Germantown, Md., with a thermometer and his trusty measuring stick, the tools of his trade, in hand.

    NBC Washington viewers had already delivered a box of coffee and a 15-inch Italian hoagie from Jersey Mike's to Collins. Good looking out, guys.

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