How to Look Stylish on a Budget

DC fashion tips for how to dress in style given a tight budget.

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    To get ahead in this world, it's important to look nice. Having a good fashion and style sense can help advance your career. That's a bit hard given the current economic conditions. Thanks to a local blogger, you can achieve good looks on a tight budget.

    A Recessionista’s Guide to Fashion by Raz from Prince of Petworth

    For this Recessionista Guide, I have some tips on improving your wardrobe while minimizing spending.

    1. Clean out your closet - Donate. Go through the clothes, shoes and accessories you currently have and determine what you actually wear and like. Read more...

    2. Clean out your closet – Revive. Next, for the clothes and shoes you still like, but have seen better days, revive them. Take your battered shoes to a shoe repair place. Read more...

    3. Organize Your Closet. Now that you have gotten rid of items you don’t wear and revived those you do wear, organize your closet. Read more...

    4. Hit the Discount Stores. If you are feeling patient and in a shopping mood, discount stores are a great place to go. Read more...

    5. Shop Secondhand. Thrift stores are another great way to score inexpensive clothes and accessories. Read more...