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Saturday evening, NBC4 is airing a Redskins preseason game, which will pre-empt NASCAR's Monster Energy NASCAR Cup Series Bass Pro Shops NRA Night Race at Bristol.

NASCAR cannot be moved to another channel, but you can watch it on NBCSports.com/Live and on the NBC Sports App.

In the event that the race is rained out Saturday, it will air at 12 p.m. on NBC4.

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NBC4 is unable to provide copies of newscasts to viewers because of the overwhelming number of requests that are received.

However, you can purchase a copy of a segment by contacting Video on Location in Rockville, Md.  Their phone number is (301) 984-5823.

You may also contact VOL on the Web at www.voli.com.

Their e-mail address is info@voli.com.

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If you have comments, questions or concerns about our closed captioning, please don't hesitate to contact us:

4001 Nebraska Ave NW
Washington DC 20016

Mobile Web and News App Closed Captioning FAQ

Is Closed Captioning Available?

We are pleased to offer closed captioning on all live simulcast streams made available through mobile browsers and mobile apps. Videos with closed captioning will have a “message icon” in the player controls. Just tap to enable or disable. If the icon is not displaying, follow the directions in the next section to turn on closed captioning within the device OS settings.

How do I make the Closed Captioning text bigger or change the style?

You may customize the display of closed captioning including changing the size, font, color, and styling. These customization options are available by accessing the device OS settings for iOS and Android and then selecting the desired options from the menu.

For iOS, the Accessibility settings are located under the Settings icon on the iPhone homescreen, then choose General, Accessibility, Subtitles & Captioning.

For Android, the Accessibility settings are located under Settings, then choose My Device, and then Accessibility. The Accessibility features are available under this Accessibility screen.

Who can I contact with questions about Closed Captioning?

To report an issue or concern regarding closed captioning on this website, please contact us at nbcwrceng@nbcuni.com.

Please detail your issue or concern by providing the following information:

• Name of the program
• Description of the issue (e.g., missing captions on a particular episode, captions cut off, timing is off)
• Website or application where you viewed the program
• Approximate time and date that the issue occurred
• Your name and contact information including mailing address, email and phone number

Written complaints concerning captioning on programs made available online or through mobile apps may be sent to:

Margaret Tobey
Vice President Regulatory Affairs
300 New Jersey Ave. NW
Washington, DC, 20001-2030

Phone: 202-524-6401
Fax: 202-524-6411

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<![CDATA[Thank You to Our News4 Viewers]]> Sat, 05 Aug 2017 15:29:55 -0400 http://media.nbcwashington.com/images/213*120/VANCE_THANK_YOU_FROM_DOREEN_1200x675_1018201667927.jpg

Doreen Gentzler says a heartfelt thank you on behalf of all of us at News4 for the outpouring of love we've felt from our viewers since the passing of our friend and anchor, Jim Vance.

<![CDATA[Matt Lauer Brings Today's Dog With a Purpose Charlie to the Stoop]]> Sun, 13 Aug 2017 01:30:00 -0400 http://media.nbcwashington.com/images/213*120/TS_HD_MATT_LAUER_WEB_H264.jpg

The "Today" show anchor and America’s VetDog Charlie stop by the stoop and chat about Charlie’s training to become a service dog, his ability to make everyone fall in love with him and Matt’s experience in the evolving journalism landscape.

<![CDATA[Nick Lachey's Campaign to Rename the Yorkie Doodle]]> Sun, 13 Aug 2017 01:30:00 -0400 http://media.nbcwashington.com/images/214*120/TS_HD_NICK_LACHEY_WEB_H264.jpg

The singer sat down with Cat Greenleaf to talk about staying relevant, his secret talent of making super cute kids and being manly enough to snuggle with his yorkie doodle.

<![CDATA[Barbara Corcoran Daydreamed Her Way to Multi-Million Dollar Success]]> Sun, 13 Aug 2017 01:30:00 -0400 http://media.nbcwashington.com/images/213*120/TS_HD_BARABARA+CORCORAN_WEB_H264.jpg

The real estate mogul stopped by the stoop and chatted with Cat Greenleaf about how daydreaming during the school day fostered her imagination, selling The Corcoran Group and getting the attention she was craving as a judge on “Shark Tank.”

<![CDATA[Dr. Evan Antin and Jess Cagle Want you to Clear The Shelters on August 19]]> Sun, 13 Aug 2017 01:30:00 -0400 http://media.nbcwashington.com/images/214*120/TS_HD_CTS_WEB_H264.jpg

People magazine’s editor-in-chief Jess Cagle and pet vet Dr. Evan Antin joined Cat Greenleaf on her Brooklyn stoop and got the message out about NBC Owned Stations and Telemundo’s initiative to find rescue animals forever homes with Clear The Shelters on August 19th.

<![CDATA[The Weekend Update Anchors Bring Their Schtick to the Stoop]]> Sun, 06 Aug 2017 01:30:00 -0400 http://media.nbcwashington.com/images/212*120/TS_HD_MICHAEL_CHE_COLIN_JOST_WEB_H264.jpg

Michael Che and Colin Jost stop by the stoop to joke around with Cat Greenleaf about putting a weekend show on during the week, Che’s tv family and how a comma can change the meaning of a joke.

<![CDATA[Jason Kennedy Is Ready for Your Intrusive Questions]]> Sun, 06 Aug 2017 01:30:00 -0400 http://media.nbcwashington.com/images/214*120/TS_HD_JASON_KENNEDY_WEB_H264.jpg

The E! News anchor comes to the stoop and talks with Cat Greenleaf about perfecting his journalism skills with the television studio he built in his home as a child and having to ask and receive intrusive questions.

<![CDATA[Remembering Our Friend, Jim Vance]]> Wed, 26 Jul 2017 09:24:21 -0400 http://media.nbcwashington.com/images/213*120/VANCE_PROMO_FRI30_072517_v3_1200x675_1009985603598.jpg

News4 is preparing a special remembrance for our longtime anchor, Jim Vance.

<![CDATA[News4 Today Is Working 4 You Earlier Than Ever]]> Tue, 25 Jul 2017 12:35:37 -0400 http://media.nbcwashington.com/images/213*120/AM_4am_Start_15_1200x675_1008493635962.jpg

News4 Today is always Working 4 You -- and now we are on earlier than ever to help you plan your day!

<![CDATA[News4 is Working 4 You]]> Wed, 19 Jul 2017 09:46:05 -0400 http://media.nbcwashington.com/images/213*120/LVD-ANDY_070717_v11_1200x675_1003327555748.jpg

A local business owner talks to News4's Jim Vance and Doreen Gentzler and to NBC Nightly News' Lester Holt about balance in the media.

<![CDATA[What Scares Pro Racer Kurt Busch?]]> Sun, 23 Jul 2017 01:30:00 -0400 http://media.nbcwashington.com/images/214*120/TS_HD_KURT_BUSCH_WEB_H264.jpg

The NASCAR racer sits down with Cat Greenleaf on her stoop to chat about his 17 years as a professional driver and getting mentally prepped for a race.

<![CDATA[Drew Brees Brings the Spirit of New Orleans to the Stoop]]> Tue, 23 May 2017 01:30:00 -0400 http://media.nbcwashington.com/images/213*120/TS_HD_DREW_BREES_WEB.jpg

The New Orleans Saints quarterback and Cat Greenleaf chat about using football to make a positive impact, his four children and his work with the campaign The Heat Factor that raises awareness of exertion heat stroke.

<![CDATA[Alex Rodriguez Is Taking His Talents to the Booth]]> Sun, 23 Jul 2017 01:30:00 -0400 http://media.nbcwashington.com/images/214*120/Screen+Shot+2017-07-22+at+5.54.39+PM.png

The former baseball player stops by the stoop to chat with Cat Greenleaf about calling the games from the booth, his guest stint on “Shark Tank” and his daughters’ role as his social media strategist.

<![CDATA[Michael Strahan Shares His Positivity on the Stoop]]> Sun, 23 Jul 2017 01:30:00 -0400 http://media.nbcwashington.com/images/214*120/TS_HD_MICHAEL_STRAHAN+WEB.jpg

The former football player and current “Good Morning America” anchor joins Cat Greenleaf on the stoop to chat about hosting “$100,000 Pyramid,” how to wake up happy and the greatest lesson his father taught him.

<![CDATA[News4 Is Working 4 You]]> Wed, 19 Jul 2017 09:42:21 -0400 http://media.nbcwashington.com/images/213*120/LVD-JerryBruce_070717_v8_1200x675_1003312707777.jpg

News4's Jim Vance and Doreen Gentzler are always Working 4 You.

<![CDATA[News4 is Working 4 You]]> Wed, 19 Jul 2017 09:44:38 -0400 http://media.nbcwashington.com/images/213*120/LVD-Shirley_070717_v8_1200x675_1003320387846.jpg

Shirley Gibson, the mother of slain police officer Brian Gibson, shares her story with News4's Jim Vance and Doreen Gentzler and with NBC Nightly News' Lester Holt.

<![CDATA[News4 is Working 4 You]]> Wed, 19 Jul 2017 09:43:18 -0400 http://media.nbcwashington.com/images/213*120/LVD-SARAH-JOSE_070717_v7_1200x675_1003327555591.jpg

A local woman gives the most selfless act of them all, donating her kidney to a complete stranger. She tells her story to News4's Jim Vance and Doreen Gentzler and NBC Nightly News' Lester Holt.

<![CDATA[High Above Molon Lave Vineyards and Winery]]> Wed, 28 Jun 2017 18:55:55 -0400 http://media.nbcwashington.com/images/213*120/20170628+Molon+Lane.jpg

Need a little break in your Wednesday? Join News4 on a drone tour of Molon Lave Vineyards and Winery in Warrenton, Virginia, which makes wine using traditional European wine-making techniques. Sit back and swoop down the vineyard lanes with us ... or arrange a visit in person by clicking here.


<![CDATA[Ne-Yo Would Like to Get the Albino Sushi Chef Role of His Dreams]]> Sun, 16 Jul 2017 12:00:00 -0400 http://media.nbcwashington.com/images/213*120/TS_HD_NEYO_WEB_H264.jpg

The triple threat sits down with Cat Greenleaf and discusses judging the best of the best on World of Dance, the “it” factor to success and reveals his dream role.

<![CDATA[Jenna Dewan Tatum Returns to Her Dancing Roots]]> Sun, 16 Jul 2017 01:30:00 -0400 http://media.nbcwashington.com/images/213*120/TS_HD_Jenna_Dewan_Tatum_WEB_H264.jpg

The actress and dancer stops by the stoop and dishes on her role as host and mentor on World of Dance, meeting her future-husband Channing Tatum during a bad audition and admits she is not really sure what her Balinese tattoo says.

<![CDATA[Derek Hough Sweeps Cat Off Her Feet]]> Tue, 18 Jul 2017 01:30:00 -0400 http://media.nbcwashington.com/images/214*120/Screen+Shot+2017-07-14+at+2.25.51+PM.png ]]> <![CDATA[Lightning Round with News4's Barbara Harrison]]> Wed, 14 Jun 2017 18:54:43 -0400 http://media.nbcwashington.com/images/213*120/2016_Barbara_Harrison_Digital_Web-2.jpg

News4's Barbara Harrison gets interrogated ... by News4's Pat Collins.

<![CDATA[Angela Bassett Is Looking for Her Next Challenge]]> Sun, 25 Jun 2017 01:30:00 -0400 http://media.nbcwashington.com/images/213*120/ANGELA-BASSETT-WEB.jpg

The actress joined Cat Greenleaf on the stoop to chat about maybe returning to Broadway, her secret to her 20-year marriage to Courtney B. Vance and working on the campaign, For Your Sweetheart.

<![CDATA[Katie Holmes Teaches Cat the Dab]]> Sun, 25 Jun 2017 01:30:00 -0400 http://media.nbcwashington.com/images/213*120/KATIE-HOLMES-WEB.jpg

The actress sat down with Cat Greenleaf and discussed playing Jackie Kennedy for the second time in Reelz's The Kennedys: After Camelot and her simpler teenage years on Dawson's Creek. She also treated us to her dab!

<![CDATA[Faith Evans: No Such Thing as Too Confident]]> Sun, 25 Jun 2017 01:30:00 -0400 http://media.nbcwashington.com/images/214*120/FAITH-EVANS-WEB.jpg

The musician chats with Cat Greenleaf about her new duet album, The King & I, with The Notorious B.I.G., if you can be too confident and why her nickname is Lucy.

<![CDATA[Jemima Kirke Makes Mom Jeans Sexy]]> Sun, 25 Jun 2017 01:30:00 -0400 http://media.nbcwashington.com/images/214*120/Jemima_KIRKE_WEB.jpg

The actress stopped by the stoop to chat about the ending of Girls and the growth of her character Jessa, what she would be doing if she wasn't an actress and shows Cat how to make mom jeans sexy.

<![CDATA[Katey Sagal Shares Lessons Learned in New Memoir]]> Sun, 25 Jun 2017 01:30:00 -0400 http://media.nbcwashington.com/images/213*120/KATEY-SAGAL-WEB.jpg

The actress joins Cat Greenleaf on the stoop to share some stories from her new memoir, Grace Notes: My Recollections, and tells Cat a story about working with Bette Midler she decided was too revealing for her book.

<![CDATA[Tituss Burgess Shares Emotional Story Behind Tattoo]]> Fri, 16 Jun 2017 13:03:47 -0400 http://media.nbcwashington.com/images/214*120/TS_HD_TITUS_BURGESS_H264_WEB.jpg

The actor and Cat Greenleaf chat about playing his colorful character on the third season of Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt, his freeing process for auditioning and the emotional inspiration for his tattoo.

<![CDATA[Barry Manilow Comes Home to New York]]> Sun, 18 Jun 2017 01:30:00 -0400 http://media.nbcwashington.com/images/213*120/TS_HD_BARRY_MANILOW_WEB_H264.jpg

The musician joins Cat Greenleaf on the stoop to chat about his new album, This Is My Town: Songs of New York, his upbringing in Williamsburg, Brooklyn and his love for his fans.

<![CDATA[What Makes Tyrese Fast, Furious and Faithful?]]> Sun, 18 Jun 2017 01:30:00 -0400 http://media.nbcwashington.com/images/213*120/TS-HD-TYRESE-WEB_H264.jpg

The actor and musician sat down with Cat Greenleaf to talk about how his faith has caused him to be open to new experiences, his former career as a MTV VJ and his fifth appearance in The Fast and the Furious franchise in The Fate of the Furious.

<![CDATA[How Ron Howard Chooses His Next Project]]> Sun, 18 Jun 2017 01:30:00 -0400 http://media.nbcwashington.com/images/213*120/TS_HD_RON_HOWARD_WEB_H264.jpg

The filmmaker stops by the stoop to discuss Genius, the Albert Einstein biographical series on National Geographic, the process of directing an actor to get the best performance and pitches a tantalizing film idea he had in his 20s.

<![CDATA[The News4 I-Team is Working 4 You: Undercover on the Bus]]> Thu, 18 May 2017 18:37:08 -0400 http://media.nbcwashington.com/images/213*120/11pm_Iteam_Bus_TUES_15_051817_v2_1200x675_947547715755.jpg

Bus drivers attacked -- and more passengers trying to ride without paying their fares. The News4 I-team went undercover to see what's happening on the bus and how it could impact your next commute.

<![CDATA[Talk Stoop’s Cat Greenleaf Makes Cameo in Sharknado 5: Global Swarming ]]> Thu, 01 Jun 2017 14:06:21 -0400 http://media.nbcwashington.com/images/213*120/Screen+Shot+2017-06-01+at+1.11.25+PM.png



Fabio, Tony Hawk, Clay Aiken, Olivia Newton-John, Bret Michaels, Margaret Cho and Many More Set to Join the Mission to “Make America Bait Again!”


NEW YORK, NY – June 1, 2016 – Pack your passport and grab a chainsaw, because SHARKNADO is going global! Taking the world – and unsuspecting celebrities – by storm, the movie event of the century blows into town this summer, and today, SYFY and The Asylum revealed its chilling title: SHARKNADO 5: GLOBAL SWARMING. The latest installment in the hit pop culture franchise premieres on SYFY Sunday, August 6 at 8/7c and will air simultaneously in more than 100 countries. 

SHARKNADO 5: GLOBAL SWARMING and the film’s official tagline, “Make America Bait Again!,” is the result of a fan-sourced social initiative launched this April. Calling on fans for inspiration, SYFY invited Facebook users to submit their most creative and outrageous ideas via an interactive bot. 

In SHARKNADO 5: GLOBAL SWARMING, the mission gets personal for Fin Shepard (Ian Ziering) and his bionic wife, April (Tara Reid) when their young son gets trapped in a traveling ‘nado and transported all over the world. From London to Rio, Tokyo, Rome, Amsterdam and beyond, our globetrotting heroes will seek assistance from a highly-skilled squad of royals, scholars and Olympians, enlisting famous faces from news, entertainment, and sports in their most epic battle yet.

Cameos announced today include:

·         Fabio (Model) as the Pope

·         Tony Hawk (Professional skateboarder) as a masterful weapons operative strategist

·         Clay Aiken (Musician) as Llewelyn, a cutting edge technology genius

·         Olivia Newton-John (Musician) and daughter Chloe Lattanzi as Orion and Electra, two brilliant scientists who help defend Australia from a looming Sharknado

·         Bret Michaels (Musician) as a visiting artist that gets trapped in the storm

·         Margaret Cho (Comedian) as a fussy bride whose honeymoon is interrupted by sharks

·         Charo (Musician, Comedian) as The Queen of England

·         Gilbert Gottfried  (Comedian) as storm chaser Ron McDonald

·         “Today” hosts Al Roker, Kathie Lee Gifford and Hoda Kotb as themselves

·         Olympic diving medalists Greg Louganis as Zico, a high-end art thief, and Tom Daley as himself

·         Olympic skiing medalist Gus Kenworthy and NBC News correspondent Jeff Rossen as themselves

·         Porsha Williams (“Real Housewives of Atlanta”) as Andromeda, an archeologist and member of the elite “Sharknado Sisterhood”

·         Tiffany “New York” Pollard (“Flavor of Love”) as Vega, a Brazilian black market artifact dealer

·         Chris Kattan (“Saturday Night Live”) as The Prime Minister of England

·         Cat Greenleaf (“Talk Stoop”) and Dan Fogler (“Fantastic Beasts”) as themselves

·         Ross Mullan (“Game of Thrones” White Walker) as Dr. Wobbegon, a scientist who has made breakthroughs in meteorological studies to track Sharknado storms

and many more…

Also reprising their roles from previous installments are Cassie Scerbo, Masiela Lusha and Cody Linley. 

SHARKNADO 5: GLOBAL SWARMING, a production of The Asylum, is directed by Anthony C. Ferrante based on an original screenplay by Scotty Mullen.

Web: www.syfy.com/sharknado5

Facebook: facebook.com/sharknadomovies/

Twitter: @sharknadosyfy   #Sharknado5

About The Asylum:

The Asylum is one of the world's leading brand-oriented motion picture and television studios. With a focus on high-concept, market-driven entertainment, like the SHARKNADO franchise and the popular Z NATION television series, The Asylum finances, produces and releases 25 films per year through its direct pipeline to the nation's top retailers and its network of international partners. Since its founding in 1997, The Asylum has released more than 500 films and has built a library of over 200 original productions, including top-rated movie premieres for Syfy, Lifetime, and Animal Planet networks. In addition, The Asylum has begun production on Season 4 of Syfy's highest-rated scripted show, Z NATION, a critically-acclaimed action-horror series.

About SYFY:

SYFY is a global, multiplatform media brand that gives science fiction fans of all kinds a universe to call home. Celebrating the genre in all its forms, SYFY super-serves passionate fans with original science fiction, fantasy, paranormal and superhero programming, live event coverage and imaginative digital and social content. The brand is powered by SYFY WIRE (www.syfywire.com), the premier portal for breaking genre news, insight and commentary. SYFY is a network of NBCUniversal, one of the world's leading media and entertainment companies. NBCUniversal is a subsidiary of Comcast Corporation.



<![CDATA[Bobby Brown: "It's About How You Feel You Look"]]> Sun, 21 May 2017 01:30:00 -0400 http://media.nbcwashington.com/images/213*120/TS_HD_BOBBI_BROWN_web_h264.jpg

The makeup artist sat down with Cat Greenleaf to chat about beginning her third act as an entrepreneur after being a freelance makeup artist and creating her own makeup line.

<![CDATA[Tim Ferriss Shares His Quick Tips to Turn Around Your Life]]> Sun, 21 May 2017 01:30:00 -0400 http://media.nbcwashington.com/images/213*120/TS_HD_TIM_FERRISS_WEB_H264.jpg

The author and entrepreneur joins Cat Greenleaf on her 30 Rock stoop to talk about his newest book, “Tools of Titans,” and how his health problems as a child have shaped his outlook on life.

<![CDATA[Tony Robbins Continues His Love Affair With Steve]]> Sun, 21 May 2017 01:30:00 -0400 http://media.nbcwashington.com/images/213*120/TS_HD_TONY_ROBBINS_WEB_H264.jpg

The author and businessman stops by the stoop to chat with Cat Greenleaf about his new financial playbook “Unshakeable” that teaches people to not fear investing in the market and to create attainable financial goals.

<![CDATA[Bethenny Frankel Reprises Her Role as a Talk Show Host]]> Sun, 21 May 2017 01:30:00 -0400 http://media.nbcwashington.com/images/214*120/TS_HD_BETHENNY_FRANKEL_WEB_H264.jpg

The businesswomen and reality television star stops by the stoop to discuss why she returned to the “Real Housewives of New York” and the struggle of being a talk show host.

<![CDATA[Forgotten First Responders at the Pentagon]]> Mon, 15 May 2017 15:47:09 -0400 http://media.nbcwashington.com/images/213*120/11pm_Iteam_Petagon_Fire_Station_30_051217_v5_1200x675_944260675844.jpg

"We always preach we'll never forget, and I think we've been forgotten": The News4 I-Team takes a look at why, years after 9/11 destroyed their fire station, Pentagon firefighters are still working in temporary buildings.

<![CDATA[News4 Power Play]]> Thu, 27 Apr 2017 16:51:46 -0400 http://media.nbcwashington.com/images/213*120/NEWS4_POWERPLAY_-_SUPERSTITION_SOCIAL_-_ARE_YOU_READY-_-_SATURDAY_-__v1_1200x675_931221571513.jpg

We are ready to #RockTheRed! Are you? Join Erika Gonzalez, Leon Harris and the News4 team for a Capitals special, the News4 Power Play, Saturday at 7 p.m. on NBC4!

<![CDATA[Milo Ventimiglia Reveals His Celebrity Crush]]> Sun, 14 May 2017 01:30:00 -0400 http://media.nbcwashington.com/images/212*120/TS_MILO_VENTIMIGLIA_WEB.jpg

The actor sat down with Cat Greenleaf on a Los Angeles stoop and revealed his first celebrity crush, what he finds attractive about a woman and dished on what he has learned about parenting playing Jack on NBC's "This Is Us."

<![CDATA[Tony Danza Tap Dances His Way off the Stoop]]> Sun, 14 May 2017 01:30:00 -0400 http://media.nbcwashington.com/images/213*120/TS-HD-TONY_DANZA_WEB.jpg

The actor and performer stops by the stoop to chat with Cat Greenleaf about his memorable roles in "Taxi" and "Who's the Boss?" and tries to teach Cat some some tap dancing from his latest cabaret act "Tony Danza: Standards & Stories."

<![CDATA[Storm Team4 is Working 4 You as Winter Weather Hits]]> Wed, 15 Mar 2017 12:11:36 -0400 http://media.nbcwashington.com/images/213*120/Snow_POP_30_v3_1200x675_898435139902.jpg

Storm Team4 is always Working 4 You -- especially when winter weather approaches.

<![CDATA[John Malkovich on Taking Full Ownership of His Fashion Line]]> Sun, 16 Apr 2017 01:30:00 -0400 http://media.nbcwashington.com/images/214*120/TS-HD-JOHN_MALKOVICH-WEB-H264.png

The actor and fashion designer stopped by to chat with Cat Greenleaf about creating her men's fashion line, his Super Bowl ad and calming his temper.

<![CDATA[Vanessa Hudgens on her new NBC Comedy “Powerless”]]> Sun, 16 Apr 2017 01:30:00 -0400 http://media.nbcwashington.com/images/213*120/TS-HD-VANESSA_HUDGENS-WEB.png

The actress and singer joins Cat Greenleaf on a Los Angeles stoop and discusses her character on NBC’s "Powerless" that combines a workplace comedy with a live-action comic and her favorite moment.

<![CDATA[Taran Killam Broke Hamilton’s Crown]]> Sun, 16 Apr 2017 01:30:00 -0400 http://media.nbcwashington.com/images/213*120/TS-HD-TARAM_KILLAM-WEB.png

The actor sat down with Cat Greenleaf on her 30 Rock stoop and talked about his take on fame, growing up in a vacation town and shared the story of breaking his crown as King George III in Broadway’s Hamilton.

<![CDATA[Justin Hartley Thinks He Is Fancy With His Pocket Square]]> Sun, 09 Apr 2017 01:30:00 -0400 http://media.nbcwashington.com/images/213*120/TS_Justin_Hartley_WEB.png

The actor sat down with Cat Greenleaf on a stoop out in Los Angeles and talked about his dream roles, the success of "This is Us," and his very complicated reason to be a nice person.

<![CDATA[Cat Is Really Sorry for Smacking Nicole Richie]]> Sun, 09 Apr 2017 01:30:00 -0400 http://media.nbcwashington.com/images/213*120/TS-HD-NICOLE_RICHIE-WEB.png

Nicole Richie joins Cat Greenleaf on a Los Angeles stoop and to discuss going from reality tv star to actress in NBC's "Great News" and being a trendsetter on social media.