Win Whinny Situation: Horse Hoisted From Ravine

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    Things finally turned around for this upside-down horse once it was pulled from a ravine in San Dimas.

    Ninety minutes of kicking, thrashing and whinnying didn't discourage rescuers Monday in San Dimas.

    A horse that fell down a ravine and landed on its back was rescued by a county fire rescue team Monday. Some heavy equipment was brought in to finish the job.

    The horse and its rider fell into a ravine near Sycamore Canyon Road and San Dimas Canyon Road in San Dimas about 4 p.m., said Inspector Frederic Stowers of the county fire department.

    Stowers said the rider was trapped for a while, but a horse shoe specialist cut away some tackle from the horse. That allowed the rider, who suffered minor injuries, to escape the narrow ravine.

    Horse Rescued in San Dimas

    [LA] Horse Rescued in San Dimas
    Horse Rescue in San Dimas

    About 45 members of an urban search and rescue team arrived and, using a large heavy lift tow truck, were able to lift the horse out of the ravine, Stowers said.

    "It took about 2 1/2 hours to pull him out," he said.

    The horse was upside-down when it was hoisted from the ravine. Rescuers turned the horse around and, after a few unsteady steps, the animal walked on its own.

    A veterinarian at the scene said the horse suffered only minor injuries.