Burmese Python Found in Maryland Gets a New Home

Richard Smith captured 9-foot snake after he saw it heading for a drain during a storm Saturday

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    A Burmese python that was on the loose in a neighborhood in Bon Air has a new home.

    Richard Smith captured the 9-foot snake after he saw it heading for a drain during a storm Saturday. The python is now being cared for by Vinny Ferraiolo, owner of Off the Ark Exotic Pets in Chester.

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    Smith said he knew the python was in trouble when he saw it and did the only thing he could think to do: He grabbed it by the tail, and pulled.

    "When I grabbed it by the tail, it got real agitated..." he told WWBT-TV. "I tried to talk to it and say, 'I will help you. I'm going to help you.'"

    He said he would have helped any kind of animal in need.

    The python -- which, at 15 pounds, is underweight -- is now recooperating at Ferraiolo's shop. He said he thinks the python hadn't had a good meal in several months.

    "He's thin," Ferraiolo told WWBT-TV. "I really believe that whoever had him probably wasn't taking good care of him... fought with the idea for a while... and then let him go."

    Ferraiolo said many pet owners think it's illegal to own pythons, "so they won't turn them in" when they can no longer care for them.