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Google Poised to Gobble Up Yelp

Tech merger reportedy priced at $500 million



    A tech mega-merger is in the works.

    Silicon Valley giants Google and Yelp are reportedly headed for a dinner date that could end in a marriage between the pair.

    Yelp's CEO Defends his Company

    [BAY] Yelp's CEO Defends his Company
    The CEO of Yelp spoke with Press Here about recent bullying allegations against his company. (Published Friday, April 3, 2009)

    Multiple sources, including ZDNet, TechCrunch -- which first reported the news, and the New York Times are confirming Google would pay somewhere around $500 million to swallow up the review site.

    The two companies have been talking about getting together for years but it has become more serious over the past few months.

    Yelp Review Leads to Battery Charge

    [BAY] Yelp Review Leads to Battery Charge
    A critical post on Yelp leads to cries of help from a San Francisco book store owner. (Published Wednesday, Nov. 4, 2009)

    According to the technopundits, the odds are pretty good -- 80 percent -- that the two will make a deal.

    Mountain View-based Google is building its own directory of local businesses that will use its maps and a local search, but with the data San Francisco's Yelp can offer, they would have that much more of a firm grip on the business of reviews.