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Digg Launches iPhone App

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    Digg, one of the most long-standing social media sites on the web, is going mobile.

    The site's highly-engaged user base is famous for making or breaking a story, which makes the company's absence from mobile devices all the more curious. But all that changed 24 hours ago.

    The Digg iPhone application was released in certain parts of the world Wednesday. In the U.S., it launched late Wednesday night.

    Matt Van Horn, Digg’s business development manager, said the Digg app is already the number one app in iTunes news category in the U.S., Canada and Australia.

    “The app is very seamless, certain elements expand and contract in a very nice way,” local blogger Jennifer Van Grove said.

    Van Grove, an associate editor for Mashable and contributor for NBCSanDiego, has dozens of iPhone apps that never make it but this one she said is different.

    “It’s really smart. Something I would use,” she said.

    So, why did Digg take so long to create the app?

    “Part of it has to do with the fact that they’ve been working on a whole new infrastructure which they previewed at SXSW,” said Van Grove.

    The company is very busy building the next version of the web site and they couldn’t have built the new app without completing the groundwork for the new site first, according to Van Horn. 

    When asked about Digg on the iPad, Van Horn left the company's plans as somewhat of a mystery.  “I think it would be a mistake if we didn’t do anything for the iPad,” said Van Horn. “We’re really excited about that.”