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"Rabid" Nats Fans to Be Subject of Depressing Reality Show



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    Now that's obsessive.

    Even the most fanatical sports fans in D.C. view the Nationals as a sad curiosity, maybe even a humorously inept distraction for the summer. So if a TV show producer comes looking for superfans, you'd be better served pointing them in the direction of the Redskins, Capitals, Wizards and United.

    But these producers will not be deterred -- they want Nats superfans for their reality show, which could stand to be perhaps the saddest thing ever.

    "The person or group of friends must find it hard to balance an active social life, romantic relationship, work or family with the "other person" (Nationals) in their life," said IMG Studios in their Casting Call.

    Sure, anyone could see how a sustained following of the Nationals could wreak horrible consequences on one's sanity, and hence their social life. Hopefully some of the dozens who show up at Nationals Park on a regular basis will be primed to participate.