WCP Details Suspicious Team Thomas Expenses

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    D.C. Council member Harry Thomas Jr.

    From Hooters to a perfume store to cash withdrawals at a Las Vegas casino, The Washington City Paper published charges from a debit card in the name of Team Thomas -- a non-profit run by Council member Harry Thomas Jr. -- meant for use introducing underprivileged kids to sports.

    Here's a sampling of the charges from 2007 to 2009 that the City Paper uncovered after a Freedom of Information Act request:

    Criminal Charges Loom for D.C. Council Member

    [DC] Civil Case Looms for Thomas; Criminal Charges Considered
    The D.C. attorney general is asking the U.S. Attorney's office to look into criminal charges for Council member Harry Thomas, Jr. (Published Saturday, June 11, 2011)

    • $143 at Hooters
    • $278 dollars at Jimmy Buffet's Margaritaville in Myrtle Beach
    • Almost $600 at a hotel in Little Rock, Ark.
    • $160 at a steakhouse in Little Rock

    And the list goes on.

    DC Council Member Investigated In Corruption Case

    [DC] DC Council Member Investigated In Corruption Case
    DC Council Member Harry Thomas Jr. is accused of spending taxpayer money meant for kids on lavish trips and a new SUV. (Published Tuesday, June 7, 2011)

    These revelations follow the D.C. attorney general's civil lawsuit filed last month that alleged Thomas used $300,000 in city money as a personal expense account.

    Attorney General Irvin Nathan listed 14 such examples in his complaint, including money spent on an Audi SUV and golf trips to Pebble Beach and other premiere courses.

    Thomas has publicly denied the accusations but has stepped down as chairman of the Economic Development Committee while an investigation continues.