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New Deeds Ads Wager Big on McDonnell's 1989 Thesis

Commercials continue attack as gap closes in polls



    Republican Bob McDonnell vs. Democrat Creigh Deeds

    RICHMOND, Va. -- Democrat Creigh Deeds is betting big on new television ads that are the most specific attack yet on a conservative thesis Republican Bob McDonnell wrote 20 years ago.

    Deeds' gubernatorial campaign began an approximately $750,000 weeklong statewide run for three ads Monday. Two are withering summaries of McDonnell's 1989 paper critical of working women, feminists and gays.

    One of the two ads features unsmiling women, one of whom says, "Bob McDonnell, we know what you wrote about working women."

    In a third, Deeds is shown driving through the countryside, describing himself as someone who can "bring people together" and extolling a love for the state.

    It comes after a weekend Washington Post poll hinted Deeds is narrowing McDonnell's lead.