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Pa. Voter ID Ruling Expected Today

A ruling is expected to be made today on Pennsylvania’s voter ID law.

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    A lower court judge is expected to make a decision today on Pennsylvania's controversial voter ID law. NBC10's Tim Furlong explains the law and the effect the judge's decision could have on Election Day. (Published Tuesday, Oct 2, 2012)

    A ruling is expected to be made today on Pennsylvania’s voter ID law. The law would require voters to show identification when they head to the polls on Election Day.

    Under the law, people will need a valid photo ID with an expiration date to vote at the polls. Pennsylvania Governor Tom Corbett says the law is only designed to prevent election fraud.

    Critics have argued, however, that it’s a Republican-driven law that will sway younger people and elderly people from voting. They also say it’s been too complicated and tough for people to go to PennDot to get their ID cards, especially seniors who may no longer have driver’s licenses or can’t find their birth cards or social security cards.

    The Pennsylvania State Supreme Court ordered a lower court judge to decide by today whether the law should stay in effect. The judge will have to decide whether the state has made it easy enough for people to get the proper ID in time for the election. The judge could also decide that voters without ID could cast provisional ballots and only sign a waiver, at least for the upcoming election.

    A decision is expected to be made in Harrisburg today.