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'Trump Toilet' Name Is Entirely Coincidental, Chinese Firm Says

In Chinese, the company name means 'innovate universally'



    Trump Toilet Co. Ltd
    Trump Toilet products on display.

    President-elect Donald Trump will soon become the leader of the United States, but that won't persuade businessman Zhong Jiye to give up the brand name on his Trump Toilet products, NBC News reports.

    Shenzhen Trump Industrial Company Limited mostly manufactures high-tech toilet seats, and Zhong contends his company's rights cannot be subject to dispute because he made his application "without knowing the existence of the person Trump, it was coincidental." 

    "If Mr. Trump thinks our trademark violates his rights and interests, he can use legal methods because our company observes China's laws," CEO Zhong told NBC News, adding that he is prepared to defend his company's legal rights to the Trump brand name.

    In Chinese, the company name means "innovate universally," and Zhong said it was registered in 2002.

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