New Britain Police Ask CCSU Student Whose Ninja Costume Caused Campus Shutdown to Pay for Police Response | NBC4 Washington
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Cops Want Student Whose Costume Sparked Campus Shutdown to Pay $13K Response Bill



    The New Britain police chief has asked the family of the former CCSU student whose Halloween costume sparked a campus-wide emergency and lockdown to foot the $13,000 bill for the department's emergency response.

    New Britain Police Chief Jim Wardwell said he has contacted the state’s attorney to ask the family of David Kyem, who was a senior at the school, to help reimburse the department.

    Sixty-two New Britain police officers were dispatched to CCSU earlier this month when Kyem's costume alarmed other students on campus. The costume included camouflage pants, knee pads, a dark hood pulled over his head, goggles and a face mask, a ballistic vest, plastic samurai sword and a BB gun.

    Expenses for overtime, comp time, straight time and criminal investigation amounted to a total of $13,062.35, Wardwell said.

    Wardwell said he is asking for a $13,000 reimbursement from Kyem and his family.

    Kyem was arrested twice in the days following the incident and is no longer a student. His father, Peter Kyem, is a geography professor at the university.

    He's charged with breach of peace and criminal trespassing and is due in court on Dec. 11.