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Truck Careens Through NJ Farmers Market, Kills 1



    (Published Tuesday, Aug. 12, 2014)

    A 48-year-old man faces vehicular homicide charges after police say his pickup truck careened through a New Jersey farmers market Sunday, killing a woman and injuring two other people, according to authorities.

    James Woetzel, of Hawthorne, allegedly crashed through a barricade and drove into the market, leaving buckets, crates and crushed tomatoes, oranges and apples strewn on the pavement. 

    Donna Wine, 58, was struck and killed. Witnesses said she was dragged under the truck as it barreled through the market. Two other people hit by the truck are expected to recover.

    "I just can't believe what I saw, can't believe someone was dragged under a car right before my eyes," said Blythe Roth, one of the vendors. "It was horrible."

    Hawthorne Mayor Richard Goldberg said the truck knocked over several vendors' stands.

    "It's just a horrific thing for the borough to have this," said Goldberg. "It's such a peaceful, quiet farmers market. To have something like this happen is unthinkable."

    Woetzel was also charged with leaving the scene of a motor vehicle accident resulting in death. It wasn't immediately clear if he had an attorney.

    Bail was set at $200,000.