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Decision 2016

Decision 2016

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Trump Accepted Thanks for Donations 9/11 Charities Didn't Receive: Audit

The Trump campaign has not responded to multiple requests for comment from NBC 4 New York



    Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump

    A city audit has found Donald Trump apparently did not donate to the two main 9/11 charities in the months after the terror attacks, despite accepting public thanks for doing so - though the comptroller's office says it could not conclude the presidential candidate definitely never gave to one of the funds.

    On Oct. 10, 2001, Trump was thanked for a $10,000 donation by Howard Stern, who was directing people to donate to New York City Public/Private Initiatives Inc. in the aftermath of the attacks, and Stern's radio co-host Robin Quivers. Trump did not deny that he made the pledge.

    But City Comptroller Scott Stringer's office said it has no record of such a donation from Trump, at least not in the months immediately following the attacks. The comptroller's office reviewed previously sealed records of the Twin Towers Fund and New York City Public/Private Initiatives Inc. and found no indication Trump or his charity made contributions, the Daily News first reported

    Stringer's office confirmed the report in an email to NBC 4 New York. The office said the audit only covers the period from September 2001 through mid-2002. 

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    In confirming the report, Stringer's office wrote it "found no evidence that Donald Trump or any entity [associated with him] donated to the two 9/11 charities during the period covered by the audits in the NYDN story." 

    However, Stringer's office told the Daily News it is "unable to conclude definitively that Trump never gave to either of these two funds." 

    The Daily News said the Trump campaign did not respond to multiple requests for more information bearing out his claims of charitable donations to 9/11-related causes. 

    The campaign also did not respond to multiple requests from NBC 4 New York for comment on the story and Trump's donation record.

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    Stringer is a Democrat who has endorsed Trump's opponent, Hillary Clinton, for president.

    The Daily News reports the only major recorded donation to 9/11 causes that Trump has made was $100,000 given by his foundation to the 9/11 Museum in April 2016, after he entered the presidential race.

    The newspaper said it reviewed every Form 990, which provides financial information for nonprofit companies or charities, for the Donald J. Trump Foundation from 2001 through 2014, and found no donations to either of the two main 9/11 charities.