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5 hours ago

'This Year Is Different': Fears of July 4 ISIS-Style Attack

Although Fourth of July security advisories are fairly common, this year's bulletin sent to local law enforcement in May carries weight because ISIS has asked its supporters to carry out attacks around the world, NBC News reported. Authorities have said they are unaware of any specific or credible threat inside the country. But there is mounting evidence that many of those ISIS supporters, including so-called lone wolves who have been inspired if not explicitly backed by the group, are heeding those calls. In the New York region alone, authorities have arrested five people on terror-related charges in the past month. "This year is different from other years because of the real links that come across between ISIS' fighters on the ground connecting with radicalized individuals or self-radicalized individuals online in the homeland," said Laith Alkhouri, a co-founder of security consulting firm Flashpoint Intelligence, an NBC News partner. Get More at NBC News

13 minutes ago

"Moronic": Trump's Big Mouth Hurts His Bottom Line: Experts

2 hours ago

Woman's Measles Death the 1st in U.S. Since 2003

3 hours ago

NASCAR Tracks Ask Fans to Not Fly Confederate Flag

4 hours ago

'People Buck Naked, People Doing Sex': Families Furious at Hollywood 'Campsite'

Wednesday, Jul 1, 2015 at 6:43 PM

Fourth of July: What You Should Know

10 minutes ago

Local News Crew Mugged, Pistol Whipped at San Francisco Pier

25 minutes ago

Comic-Con to Stay in San Diego for 2 More Years: Mayor

Thursday, Jul 2, 2015 at 6:37 AM

The progress we make today is another demonstration we don't have to be imprisoned by the past.  

— President Obama, announcing that the U.S. and Cuba have struck a deal to open embassies in each other's capitals in order to re-establish diplomatic relations for the first time in half a century.
6 hours ago

BP Settles 2010 Oil Spill Claims for $18.7B

2 hours ago

Bubble Wrap to Lose Its Trademark Sound

Bubble Wrap is like no other packing material. Its round air bubbles keep items safe and create a signature sound when popped. However, the sound is reportedly going away. The Sealed Air Corp. has introduced a new version called iBubble Wrap, according to The Wall Street Journal. iBubble will ship flat and be inflated before use, taking up less space -- one-fiftieth as much -- when loaded into delivery trucks. Get More at

Thursday, Jul 2, 2015 at 7:55 AM
By Daniel Sircar, Jessica Glazer

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50 minutes ago

Key ISIS Leader Killed in Coalition Airstrike in Syria: U.S.

5 hours ago

9/11 First Responder Hits $5 Million Lottery Jackpot

2 hours ago

Obama: "There's Nothing America Cannot Do"