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"Sizable Number" of DCPS Teachers Will Receive Pink Slips in the Coming Days

New teacher evaluations almost complete



    A "sizable number" of D.C. Public Schools teachers will receive pink slips in the coming days, District administrators said, but the exact number has not been released.

    Administrators said they're still going through the final results of the new evaluation system, IMPACT, that was implemented in D.C.'s traditional public schools this past academic year. Those rated ineffective will be laid off.

    Except for principals, all DCPS employees in schools have been scored on a 400-point scale based on criteria including test scores, individual student growth and outside evaluator input.

    Chancellor Michelle Rhee has previously said IMPACT will correct what she called a "faulty system," where in the past student achievement was not aligned with actual teacher effectiveness.

    "When I came into the system three years ago, we had a circumstance where 8 percent of eighth graders were operating at grade level proficiency in math," she said. "Eight percent. But if you would have looked at the performance evaluations of the adults, 95 percent were doing an excellent job."

    IMPACT will also determine who gets bonuses under the new union contract, but implementing the evaluation system did not require union consent.

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