21 Children Found at Unlicensed Daycare

Babies found strapped into carseats throughout home, say detectives

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    Two Woodbridge women have each been charged with with seven counts of reckless endangerment of a child while working at an unlicensed daycare center.

    Prince William County detectives found 21 children in a Woodbridge home with only two adults to care for them.

    The children ranged from three months to four years old, including seven who are less than a year old. Authorities found the babies strapped into car seats throughout the house, including in a bathroom and closet.

    Detectives said Anila Qayyum, 29, was running the unlicensed daycare out of her home. A relative, Rabia Qayyum, 23, was helping with the children.

    Both women are being held on a $8,000 secured bond.