Woman Charged With Child Neglect After Daughter Nearly Drowns

Left children unattended at pool, say police

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    A Manassas woman has been charged with felony child neglect after her four-year-old daughter nearly drowned in a pool Tuesday, police said.

    Giovanna Emperatr Narvaez, 23, was at the Westgate Community Pool with her five children, ranging from one to eight years old, when she left them unsupervised to go sign in a guest, police said.

    While she was gone, another visitor at the pool -- a nine-year-old girl -- noticed Narvaez's daughter at the bottom of the pool and pulled her out.

    A lifeguard performed CPR, and the little girl regained consciousness. She was flown to an area hospital and is expected to recover fully.

    Narvaez is facing three counts of felony child neglect, one each for her three youngest children, ages one, four and five.