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Youth Group's Name Deemed Too Edgy for Prince George's County




    A summer youth program in Prince George’s County is helping teens develop their video production skills.

    But some critics say the program's name needs an edit.

    The group “We Shoot Film, Not People” has drawn criticism, and the county is considering a name change, the Washington Times report.

    An official within the Parks and Recreation department said a flier with the questionable name went out before being approved by an oversight committee.  The youth program is run by the county.

    The five-week youth program teaches video production skills to teens ages 13 to 17.

    Now the county wants the name changed because of the violent connotation, in light of the spate of homicides Prince George’s County has seen this year.

    Marvin Fields, the D.C.-based film producer who teaches the program, told the Washington Times the questionable name was selected on purpose.

    “I understand it’s controversial, but we need shock and awe. We need to get our kids’ attention…this gives them opportunities for making money instead of making trouble,” Fields told the Times.

    Prince George’s County has had a violent first six months of 2011, with more than 50 homicides already.