Pest Experts Warn Warm Winter Could Spell Bug Onslaught

Our warmer weather could breed bugs in winter, instead of spring.

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    Sure, 60 and 70-degree temperatures in February feel great. But you might agree with one slight downside to our recent spring-like weather.

    The warm temperatures are creating a breeding ground for bugs. That means there is a good chance this year for early sightings of beetles, ants, bees, even mosquitoes.

    “Many insects hibernate during the cold winter months, but as this winter has been anything but typical, they may be emerging from their hiding places much earlier than we expect,” said Missy Henriksen, vice president with the National Pest Management Association.

    Henriksen said in some states, ticks are already out and have been reported.

    Pest control technicians say an increase of bugs  is usually seen at the end of March, not February.