Marion Barry's Turkey Giveaway Adds Requirements

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    If you are counting on getting a free turkey from D.C. council member Marion Barry this year, be prepared to show up to a few meetings.  

    Barry is requiring people to pre-register and commit to attending public meetings, The Washington Post reported.
    Residents must attend three community meetings or attend every PTA meeting from October to November if they are a parent of a school-aged child.
    Barry told the Post the pre-registration should avoid last year's turkey-distribution mess, when some people were left turkey-less after a billing dispute.

    Barry's Turkeys Delivered a Day Late

    [DC] Barry's Turkeys Delivered a Day Late
    A financial problem almost stopped a turkey giveaway for thousands of D.C. residents in need. (Published Wednesday, Nov 24, 2010)

    The giveaway is November 22.