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Virginia Rocket Launches Postponed Again

Trails could be visible from South Carolina to New Hampshire



    The projected area where the rockets may be visible while the motors are burning through flight and the flight profile of each of the five rockets.

    A planned launch of five rockets from coastal Virginia that's aimed at learning more about the upper level jet stream has been rescheduled again.

    NASA initially said it would send up the rockets early Thursday. The launch was scrubbed due a payload problem and rescheduled for no earlier than Friday night.

    But NASA said there's a high probability of bad weather. The launch is rescheduled for no earlier than Sunday night.

    The rockets are to release a chemical trail to track winds circling Earth at up to 300 mph, about 65 miles above the surface.

    Officials have said long, milky white clouds could be visible for about 20 minutes from Myrtle Beach, S.C., to southern New Hampshire, and as far west as Morgantown, W.Va. -- weather permitting.