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Virginia High School Students Performing '26 Acts of Kindness'



    (Published Tuesday, April 2, 2013)

    Some Fairfax County high school students gave new life to the "26 Acts of Kindness" campaign Monday.

    The new fashion trend is simple: A white T-shirt with a powerful message.

    "Spreading kindness and cheering people up," Robinson Secondary School senior Jessie Bond said. "Big or small. It really doesn't matter. Something as little as complimenting someone to paying for someone in the drive-through."

    School counselor Kirsten Wiley loves the fact that almost four months after the Sandy Hook tragedy, her students are keeping the good vibes flowing. That's because for Wiley, this campaign is deeply personal. Her cousin, Lauren Rousseau, was among those killed at Sandy Hook.

    The acts of kindness are helping to ease their pain.

    "I see it every day," Wiley said. "These kids are great, and they have huge hearts."

    The shirts leave 26 open spaces. The spots are to be filled with the good deeds performed.

    Both students and staff will sport the t-shirts for at least a month.

    "If 4,000 people from Robinson participate in 26 Acts of Kindness, that's 104,000 acts just from this school," teacher Daniel Clements said.

    "If we can start that conversation, maybe it'll pick up in another school, or even in a workplace or anywhere people think this mission is important and something that should be continued outside of our community," teacher Alison Neun added.

    If you want to help fund the Robinson students' mission email They're looking for the support to spread the campaign to other schools across the region.

    NBC's Ann Curry spearheaded the movement to bring unity in the days following the Tragedy at Sandy Hook Elementary School in Connecticut.

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