Victim's Mother Spends 20 Years Fighting Police Brutality

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    The mother of a man who was shot 14 times by police while in handcuffs 20 years ago has spent years of her life fighting police brutality.

    Dorothy Elliott's son, 24-year-old Artie Elliott was pulled over by police 20 years ago in District Heights, Md. for suspicion of D.U.I. He was placed in a police cruiser with his hands handcuffed behind his back.

    20 Years Later, Mother Continues Fighting for Victims of Police Brutality

    [DC] 20 Years Later, Mother Continues Fighting for Victims of Police Brutality
    Dorothy Elliott's son was shot 14 times while sitting in a police cruiser while handcuffed during a suspected DUI stop. His mother has been fighting for victims of police brutality ever since. News4's Darcy Spencer has the story. (Published Tuesday, June 18, 2013)

    Officers say he somehow got a hold of a gun, then two officers, one from Prince George's County and one from District Heights opened fire.

    "I don't believe firing 22 times saved the officers," Dorothy Elliott said. "He was no threat to them."

    The officers who brutally shot her son, striking him 14 times, were never charged. Dorothy took her son's case to the Supreme Court but lost. She has spent her life ever since the shooting fighting for victims of police brutality.

    "We are still determined to get justice," Dorothy Elliott said. "We never got a day in court."

    Tuesday night, Artie Elliott's family laid flowers at the intersection where he died 20  years prior. Dorothy Elliott said this will be her last vigil, but her quest for justice will never end.

    "I resigned to the fact that police think it's closed," she said. "It's never over."