Victim Faces Suspect in Pregnant Woman Attack Case

Survivor attends hearing for woman accused of attempting to cut baby from womb

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    Teka Adams

    A woman who survived an attempt to cut her unborn baby from her womb faced her alleged attacker in a Prince George's County, Md., courtroom Tuesday.

    Teka Adams attended a preliminary hearing in which a judge found probable cause to proceed with attempted murder and other charges against Veronica Deramous.

    Face to Face With Her Attacker

    [DC] Face to Face With Her Attacker
    Less than a month ago, Teka Adams was held hostage while a woman allegedly tried to cut her unborn baby from her womb. On Tuesday, she saw accused attacker Veronica Deramous in a preliminary court hearing. (Published Tuesday, Jan. 5, 2010)

    In early December, Deramous met the 29-year-old Adams at a D.C. homeless shelter and lured her to a Suitland, Md., apartment by promising to give her baby clothes, authorities said. After giving Adams lunch, Deramous attacked her with a fireplace poker, Adams said.

    Deramous bound Adams and used knives and box cutters to try to cut the baby out, according to police.

    Mother Reacts to Woman Who Tried to Steal Her Unborn Child

    [DC] Mother Reacts to Woman Who Tried to Steal Her Unborn Child
    Teka Adams says a woman held her hostage for more than four days and tried to cut out her unborn child from her womb. (Published Thursday, Dec. 31, 2009)

    "She started cleaning the walls in her apartment, and she kept pacing the floor talking about how she couldn't have the blood in her house because her son was coming home and she didn't know how to explain it to her son," Adams told NBC4. "And I am hearing all this, but I'm like just laying there because I don't want her to kill me. Simple as that."

    Adams eventually escaped, gave birth to her baby by Cesarean section and named her Miracle Sky.

    Adams, who brought her daughter to the courtroom, did not testify at the hearing but made eye contact when Deramous was brought in and looked shaken after seeing her.

    Deramous is being held without bond pending further court action in the case.